*Disclaimer: Pain relief is subject to the individual result of each Muscle Therapy session dependent on the type and age of the injury.

Zingara - Muscle Therapy uses many different forms of Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage and Normalization of Soft Tissue (NST) techniques to reset the muscle patterns throughout the entire body

Here are just a few of these techniques:

~ Kinesiology: Understanding of how one muscle will affect many others

~ Posture Deviation Analysis: Determining what postural stances are present in the body - if congenital (genetic) or functional (caused from repetitive motion injury or from physical injury).

~ Proprioception: Resetting the body’s awareness of where it is in space and time (why you don’t walk into furniture)

~ Knowledge of Anatomy: Locations of the origins and insertions of each muscle in the body (where the muscles attach to the bone)

~ Orthopedic Massage: Deeper understanding of the body’s postural deviations, specifically used in the reduction of Lordosis, Kyphosis and Scoliosis (different types of curves in the spine)

~ Deep Therapeutic Pressure: Intense full pressure for maximum release of each muscle group

~ Normalization of Soft Tissue (NST): Releasing tension and scar patterns in the body with Trigger Point Release (knots) and Cyriax Cross Fiber Friction (scar tissue)

~ Trigger Point Release: Physically removing the “knot” using a series of deep holds and flushing

~ Lymph Drainage: Waking up the body’s immune system by opening the lymph ducts

~ Inner Oral: Resetting the muscles inside of the mouth (TMJDisorder, Grinding or Clenching Teeth) 

~ Shiatsu: Releasing the energy throughout entire body – the Japanese form of Acupuncture, using thumbs instead of needles

~ Integrative Massage: Incorporating breath, movement, physical sensation, sound and verbal interaction

~ Pre and Post Natal: Focus on the areas specific of soon to be mothers and new mothers

~ Reflexology: Coordinating body parts to regions on the hands and feet

~ Swedish Massage: Long sweeping strokes, mixed with different tempos and techniques to deeply flush and relax the entire body (long, smooth connecting strokes)

MFR ~ Myofascial- Release (loosening of fascia
LF - Linear Flushing
DF – Deep Flushing
CXFF - Cyriax Cross Fiber Friction (Reduction of Trigger Points and Scar Tissue)
XFF - Cross Fiber Friction - Reduction of Scar Tissue *
TPT ~ Trigger Point Therapy (removal of knots)
LD - Lymph Drainage

As well as many other techniques, we love to keep learning!

As well as many other techniques . . .