60 Minutes

  90 Minutes

​120 Minutes (2 Hours)

12 Sessions


Zingara - Muscle Therapy Introductory Rates: 

First Session with a Muscle Therapist should be 90 or 120 Minutes.

This gives the Muscle Therapist enough time to go through the entire body and identify all the existing patterning. 

Introductory Rates are available to every new client for their first 2 Muscle Therapy Sessions.  This allows each person a chance to understand how much time their body needs in between appointments and to set a schedule for your own healing needs. 

Zingara - Muscle Therapy: 

  60 Minutes

  90 Minutes

​120 Minutes (2 Hours)

4 Sessions


​Introductory Offer is valid for the first TWO sessions. The second session Must Be Completed within 6 weeks of the initial session to receive the second discounted rate. 

8 Sessions

$  680
$  960

No Contract, No Pressure, Come as frequently as you wish. Zingara – Muscle Therapy Maintenance Plans are designed around you and your needs. Your Muscle Therapist will help you to set a frequency of return and book your appointments up to 1 year in the future. You may cancel or move appointments as your life demands.  These plans are designed to help you create a budget for your Muscle Therapy needs.  The plans sell in increments of a minimum of 2 then 4, 6, 8 or 12 Sessions

*Disclaimer: Pain relief is subject to the individual result of each Muscle Therapy session dependent on the type and age of the injury.

Zingara - Muscle Therapy Maintenance Plans: 

After you have received your initial session, your Muscle Therapist will work with you to help you figure out what session length is needed for your body type. The average client chooses 90 or 120 minutes. This allows the Muscle Therapist to work on problem areas and move through out the entire body to reset everything.

Zingara - Muscle Therapy Pricing and Services

Price Per


$ 85



$  79






Maintenance Plan Rules:

It is the responsibility of the Zingara – Muscle Therapy Maintenance Plan recipients to book their own appointments

Appointments are to be booked online at the Zingara – Muscle Therapy website: www.zingara-muscletherapy.com  or the recipient may call Zingara – Muscle Therapy directly at 480-366-4000

Appointments are dependent on availability only. NO assumption of regular interval is to be assumed, prior to booking the appointments.

 All Maintenance Plan Appointments MUST BE booked and used within ONE YEAR of the Purchase Date. Appointments that are not booked in this time frame of purchase, the recipient can use the dollar value of the appointment, but will be responsible for the additional funds that equal the full price of the appointment.

 To Purchase a Maintenance Plan Appointment, please contact Zingara – Muscle Therapy directly via email (contact page) call 480-366-4000

  60 Minutes

  90 Minutes

​120 Minutes (2 Hours)

Payment: Zingara - Muscle Therapy accepts Credit Cards or Cash

Credit cards accepted: any US-issued and most non-US issued magstripe or chip cards bearing a

  • VISA

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • Discover

  • JCB

  • UnionPay logo.

The following card types are accepted:

  • Credit

  • Corporate

  • Debit

  • Prepaid

  • Rewards