Zingara - Muscle Therapy Relieves Muscular Pain.

Zingara - Muscle Therapy also works

all the related muscles that are affected,

allowing the entire body to reset.  

When there is an injury to a muscle, it will not heal until all of the related areas are treated as well. If you injure a muscle in your low back; your mid-back, shoulder blades, shoulders and neck will also be affected. The only way to get the injured area to reset, is to release all the affected muscles together.  

The body will also create additional injuries by defending an existing injury. When your right low back hurts, you will overuse the left low back, arms and quads. Protecting (or defending) the right low back, all these other areas will work much harder than normal, creating new patterning. This new patterning will produce: scar tissue, soreness, aching, tearing and overstretching of these overused and tired muscle.  

To relieve pain, Zingara – Orthopedic Muscle Therapy will reset the patterns in the body:

~ Defensive Patterns: New patterns that have been created by protecting an injured area

~ Physical Injury: Car accidents, falls, breaks, tears, etc …

~ Repetitive Motion Injuries: Old patterns that have built up from repeating the same postures,  

     over and over:                

     Work postures, sleeping postures, walking gate, exercise postures, driving postures, etc…  

All of these injuries build up scar tissue in the body. Scar tissue creates patterning (how the body is held in definitive postures). The patterning is causing an injury over many years.  The scar tissue builds up in two different ways: Adaptive Shortening and Stretch Weakening.  

When a person sits at a desk with their head tilted to one side, day after day, the body starts to actually form this shape. In the neck – the muscles will adaptively shorten, while the opposing side will stretch weaken. Muscles that adaptively shorten will condense and become knots. Muscles that are stretch weakened, will be stretched so taunt, they will lack oxygen and become “ropey”.  

Zingara - Muscle Therapy will show you where in your body you are creating these patterns and teach you basic Kinesiology to prevent the same pattern from continuing. Utilizing Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage, all the muscles will be reset, back to the position they were born to be in. Stretch weakened muscles will be released and blood flow will return to them and adaptively shortened muscles will be released using Trigger Point Therapy (T.P.T.).