Rules For Muscle Therapy Maintenance Plan:

* It is the responsibility of the Zingara - Muscle Therapy Maintenance Plan recipient to book their own appointments.

* Appointments are to be booked online at the Zingara - Muscle Therapy website: 

or the recipient may call

Zingara - Muscle Therapy directly at 480-366-4000

* Appointments are dependent by availability only. No assumption of a regular interval is to be assumed, prior to booking the appointments.

* All Maintenance Plan Appointments must be used within ONE YEAR OF THE PURCHASE DATE

* To Purchase a Maintenance Plan: 

    1. Make an appointment and purchase at the appointment date

​    2. Call Zingara - Muscle Therapy LLC to make other

        arrangements at: 480-366-4000

Zingara - Muscle Therapy Maintenance Plan: