****Treatment involves: warming the muscles, going through the muscles step-by-step looking for scar tissue or trigger points, then flushing the muscles.****

** Height and Weight: A longer or larger body takes more time to thoroughly treat.

** Physical Strength: If a person is physically strong and their body mass is muscular - it will take more time to warm the tissues and thoroughly treat.  


We highly suggest a 90 or 120 Minute Session for your first session.

Based on the amount of work needed (one, two or three major problem areas), the height, weight and physical strength of the individual. ** (Description on page bottom.)

The 90 or 120 Minute Session will allow the Licensed Massage Therapist plenty of time to physically warm the tissues of the problem areas and go over the entire body thoroughly.

We also offer the 60 Minute Deep Tissue service for those who are looking to just try out our services. Not as much time can be spent on the problem areas or the entire body, which limits the end result. 

Introductory Offer

Muscle Therapy ~ 60 Minute Session       $  69   ($ 89 Value)

Muscle Therapy ~ 90 Minute Session       $  99   ($129 Value)

Muscle Therapy ~ 120 Minute Session    $129  ($169 Value)

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Introductory Offer is valid for the first TWO sessions. The second session Must Be Completed within 6 weeks of the initial session to receive the second discounted rate.