*Disclaimer: Pain relief is subject to the individual result of each Muscle Therapy session dependent on the type and age of the injury.

Most Common Issue in the Body: Repetitive Motion Injury

Injuries build up scar tissue in the body.  Scar tissue creates patterning (how the body is held in definitive postures). The patterning causes an injury over many years of repetition.  The scar tissue builds up in two different ways:  Adaptive Shortening and Stretch Weakening. 

Imagine a person who holds their head to the right side while they think, using the computer, drive and watch television.  Holding their head in the same constant position is a "repetitive motion injury". The scar tissue that is causing this injury has built up over many years, until the neck is finally irritated and scarred to the point of injury.


How Knots Are Formed

What’s happening here?
The Muscles on the right Side SHORTEN or become KNOTS

The muscles on the right side of the neck have adaptively shortened. If they were the size of a rectangle, they have condensed into a square to hold the neck in a bent pattern.  The scar tissue created by condensing the muscle for years, have built into a knot.  The knot is holding this condensed muscle in the scrunched position.  The knot is sore and tight and there is restricted movement in the neck. When it is touched, it will physically hurt, as the knots scarring has created a painfully tight area with a serious lack of blood flow and needed nutrients for the muscle. 

The Muscles on the Left side LENGTHEN or become ROPEY or Oxygen Deprived

The muscles in the left side of the neck are stretch weakened.  They have been pulled to their longest position for years. In doing so, they have become taunt and ropey. They are starved for oxygen, as the blood vessels have also been pulled so taunt they do not deliver the nutrients the muscle needs. They are sore and achy and in need of being reset. 

How Does Zingara – Muscle Therapy Treat This Problem?

Zingara - Muscle Therapy will Release and Reset all the muscles of the neck. Additionally the Muscle Therapist will work on the other affected areas: the Shoulders, Back, Hips, Hip Flexors and Psoas . When these other muscles are also released, it will set the body back into Nuetral.