Step Two: Muscle Therapy

Muscle Therapy uses a multitude of techniques based on Therapeutic and Neuromuscular Massage.

  • Stretch and lengthen the muscles.

  • Seeking out scar tissue patterns and use Cross Fiber Friction to break apart

  • Locate trigger points (knots) and perform Trigger Point Therapy to release the knot

  • Deep flushing of the entire muscle – not just the belly of the muscle, but from insertion to origin where they attach to the bones.

  • Kinesiology to understand the affected defensive muscles that must be reset with the problem areas

  • Muscle Therapist have an extensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy.

  • Muscle Therapy works areas of the body that often are often ignored.

               ** Psoas – Core muscle deep in the belly

               ** Front of the Neck – You can not reset the neck muscles without touching them all

               ** Inside the Mouth – TMJD, Grinders and Clenchers: relief of jaw pain

               ** Deep muscles under shoulder blades – Muscles that coordinate with all shoulder injuries

               ** Sides of the body – Rib Scrubs, Lats and Under the Armpit

               ** Releasing the diaphragm in the belly – Improving breathe

Muscle Therapy works to reset the muscles, effectively stopping the pain cycle.

Muscle Therapy Benefits:

Muscle Therapy creates a chemical reaction in the body. There is a massive reduction in Cortisol (anxiety and stress) replacing it with the much happier Dopamine and Seratonin (happy and sleep well). 

Muscle Therapy and all forms of Massage have been proven to reduce stress, increase restful sleep and create an overall feeling of well-being. Extended touch is something we all need as humans. 

Step One:  Myofascial Release:

The process brings upon instant relief. Myofascial Release releases fascia. Fascia is the wrapper that surrounds your muscles. Think of the fascia like the outer casing on a sausage. In a Myofascial Release the fascia is warmed which causes it to temporarily “forget” it’s shape. The fascia starts as the exact shape of the muscle. The fascia is stretched and warmed, giving the muscle room to expand. With this release, we are free to lengthen and reset the muscle within the fascia.

When the session is complete, the fascia will cool back down. Holding the lengthened and cleaned muscle in the new reset position. Instead of the wrapper around the muscle being forced – it actually will help hold everything in the Muscle Therapy position. Creating a feeling of wellness that last for weeks.

How Does Muscle Therapy Work?