Neuromuscular Medical Massage

to Neutralize Your Entire Body​ of Injury Patterns

Muscle Therapy ​​
Removes Patterns through-out your ENTIRE  Body



Muscle Therapy releases patterning through-out the entire body,

 by working on the ENTIRE BODY

Every injury affects multiple areas in the body.

Muscle Therapy's focus is to neutralize injury patterns:

​​​Muscle Therapy

Muscle Pain Relief

Physical Injury:

Injuries caused by car accidents, slips and falls. Major or minor injuries. 

​Repetitive Motion Injury:

Doing the same action over and over, the muscles start to shape themselves into the form they are always held in. We tend to hold certain postures for every action we take. These postures over time can develop into muscular injuries. 

Defense Injury:

Protecting the body from pain, we use the wrong muscles for the right job. If you injure your right hand, you will start using your left arm much more than your body is used to. The left arm has weaker muscles, and will become sore and tired from the new usage. 

Muscular Conditions We Treat:


Types Of Injury: 

Physical Injury:

Sports - Accidents - Falls

​Repetitive Motion Injury:

Daily Life Activities:

Computers, Sports, Hobbies, Sleep

Defense Injury:

Protecting the body from pain,

we use the wrong muscles for the right job​​

  • Neck Pain
  • TMJ - Jaw Pain
  • Shoulder Injuries


Pain relief is subject to the individual result of each Muscle Therapy session dependent on the type and age of the injury.

  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Back Pain

Muscle Therapy and 

Physical Therapy

~A Perfect Match for Healthy Rehabilitation ~ 

Physical Therapy teaches you how to move your body correctly (kinesiology) and trains muscles to learn new habits.

Muscle Therapy neutralizes the muscle patterns, so they can learn new behaviors.