Doesn’t a Physical Therapist do this?

So yes, Physical Therapist do work on the muscles in the area of pain (briefly), but they do not work the whole entire body, to ensure it will reset , that is the job of a Muscle Therapist. Each Zingara – Muscle Therapy session is focused on the injury and all the other areas in the body that are affected.     

Does Muscle Therapy Hurt?

Muscle Therapy is not pain free. If a trigger point needs to be reset, it will be released all the way through to the bottom of the muscle. Although uncomfortable, a common misnomer is that the entire session is painful. It is not. There will be areas of discomfort,but they will be slowly worked into, going layer by layer. Most scarring has taken many years to build up.


When trigger points (knots) and stretch weakened muscles are reset, many layers of muscles need to be thoroughly warmed up, released and the deeply flushed.  

When scar tissue is reset, the end result is a “bruised” sore muscle. After many years of building up the scar tissue, it will be released in 90 minutes. The mind needs time to unwind with the body; to reset and understand what has happened to the muscle. This process takes approximately 2 days. When you awake on the third morning after the Muscle Therapy, all the soreness should be alleviated and the pain will be a distant memory.  

What will I learn?

When the body repeats the same action again and again, we look at the consequences, utilizing Kinesiology: Which muscle groups are being overused? What are the antagonist muscles and how is the repetitive motion affecting the persons overall posture and well-being? Each client will learn about their postural deviations and how they are causing injuries in their day-to-day lives. This includes working postures, hobbies, workout regiments and sleeping habits    

The Mind and The Body:

The mind is very interesting when it comes to remembering pain. Once the pain is alleviated, it is hard to recall. We have many different pains through out our entire bodies all the time. The mind only let’s us feel the top one or two areas at any given time. When the area of pain is relieved, the next area will eventually show itself. Since we are constantly  using our bodies, we are creating scar tissue. If we create scar tissue, then we are creating patterning. Every now and again – the patterns need to be reset. Resetting the muscles requires Muscle Therapy to bring everything back to neutral and Physical Therapy to retrain the muscle.    

Muscle Therapy is always a full body Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage. The main area(s) of concern will take a majority of the time, but all connected areas will be addressed as well. In addition, there is a thorough intake process included in the session.