*Disclaimer: Pain relief is subject to the individual result of each Muscle Therapy session dependent on the type and age of the injury.

Muscle Therapy Policies

Muscle Therapy Has The Right To Refuse Services to Anyone at Anytime

There are No Animals Allowed on the premises

NO Show Policy:
First Time Clients who do not call or show up for their first appointment will not be allowed to schedule another appointment. Existing clients must give Zingara - Muscle Therapy notice in advance of 24 hours to cancel an appointment. In doing so, the open time can be filled with someone needing an appointment. Missed appointments will have a fee charged to your account, which must be paid prior to the client’s next scheduled session:

First Miss: $50
Second Miss: No Longer Allowed to Schedule Appointments

Inappropriate Behavior:

Any solicitation of a Therapist will result in Criminal Charges.
Law enforcement officers will be contacted and you will be charged to the highest level that can legally be processed.

Muscle Therapy Expectations:
Muscle Therapy involves Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage. This involves removing trigger points and scar tissue. The end result may create bruising and/or aching and pain. Most pain will last for two days, the morning you awake on the third day all pain will have dissipated. In rare cases, the pain may last longer. In all cases, your therapist will speak with you prior to performing any work that will cause an after effect. You will be asked to agree to the continuance of this work. Zingara – Muscle Therapy LLC respects you and your limitations as well as wanting to help alleviate your pain.

Please print out the above form and

fill it out prior to your first appointment.